Due to COVID-19, Oishei Children's Hospital and Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital are temporarily implementing an Enhanced Visitation Policy. For further updates see COVID-19 information.

Maternity Services

OB/GYN Centers

OB/GYN Center Staff

  • Vanessa Barnabei, MD

    Vanessa Barnabei, MD

  • Max Henricks, MD

    Max Henricks, MD

  • Faye Justicia-Linde, MD

    Faye Justicia-Linde, MD

  • Anthony Muney, MD

    Anthony Muney, MD

  • Julie Szumigala, MD, FACOG

    Julie Szumigala, MD, FACOG

  • Michele Ambor-Hutz, WHNP

    Michele Ambor-Hutz, WHNP

  • Linda Cronin, WHNP

    Linda Cronin, WHNP

  •  Susan Gerbers, WHNP

    Susan Gerbers, WHNP

  • Cheryl Gonda, WHNP

    Cheryl Gonda, WHNP

  • Cheryl Hayes, WHNP

    Cheryl Hayes, WHNP

  • Donna Keeton, WHNP

    Donna Keeton, WHNP

  • Janet Newall, WHNP

    Janet Newall, WHNP

  • Kirsten Smith, WHNP

    Kirsten Smith, WHNP