Due to COVID-19, Oishei Children's Hospital and Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital are temporarily implementing an Enhanced Visitation Policy. For further updates see COVID-19 information.

Maternity Services

Labor & Delivery

OB Hospitalists

Our hospitalist program ensures you have access to attending physician coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. These Doctors have passed their Board exams for OB/GYN and are physically located in the hospital at all times. Limited to 12 hour shifts, we ensure that the doctor delivering your baby is well rested, alert and attentive to your needs. The OB/GYN hospitalist's sole focus is on delivering babies, increasing quality outcomes and patient safety.

By having a hospital-based group, Kaleida Health is able to ensure that current, evidence-based practice protocols are consistently utilized. Our doctors are there to meet you when you arrive in our hospital, stay with you through your baby's birth and follow you until you are ready to leave our care. Working with the excellent nurses, high risk specialists and maternity team, this elite group provides our community with the innovative care you have come to expect from Kaleida Health.

Please click on a hospital to display hospitalists at that location:

John R. Oishei Children's Hospital

  • Tova_Ablove, MD.jpg

    Tova-Ablove, MD

  • Lan Le Adams, MD, MPH

    Lan Le Adams, MD, MPH

  • Farkad Balaya, MD

    Farkad Balaya, MD

  • Vanessa Barnabei, MD

    Vanessa Barnabei, MD

  • Michael Beckwith, MD

    Michael Beckwith, MD

  • Alan Bolnick, MD

    Alan Bolnick, MD

  • Jay Bolnick, M

    Jay Bolnick, MD

  • Virginia Bond, MD

    Virginia Bond, MD

  • Mandeep Brar, MD

    Mandeep Brar, MD

  • Angelle Brebnor, MD

    Angelle Brebnor, MD

  • Martin Caliendo, MD

    Martin Caliendo, MD

  • Christina Chouchani, DO

    Christian Chouchani, DO

  • James Clark, MD

    James Clark, MD

  • Joseph De Nagy, DO

    Joseph De Nagy, DO

  • Jennie Dembski, MD

    Jennie Dembski, MD

  • Christian Dolensek, DO

    Christian Dolensek, MD

  • Gil Farkash, MD

    Gil Farkash, MD

  • Adina Ionescu, MD

    Adina Ionescu, MD

  • Lisa Jacobsen, MD

    Lisa Jacobsen, MD

  • Faye Justicia-Linde, MD

    Faye Justicia-Linde, MD

  • Armen Kirakosyan, MD

    Armen Kirakosyan, MD

  • Shaveta Malik, MD

    Shaveta Malik, MD

  • Anthony Muney, MD

    Anthony Muney, MD

  • Dennis Mauricio, MD

    Ashok Naik, MD

  • Paul Ogburn, Jr., MD

    Paul Ogburn, Jr., MD

  • Laura Rayner, MD

    Laura Rayner, MD

  • Jamie Szczepanski, MD

    Jamie Szczepanski, MD

  • Julie Szumigala, MD

    Julie Szumigala, MD

  • Pai-Jong Stacy Tsai, MD

    Pai-Jong Stacy Tsai, MD

  • Andrea Walsh, MD

    Andrea Walsh, MD

  • Taechin Yu, MD

    Taechin Yu, MD

  • Lynn Stroehlein, MD

    Nicholas Zornek, MD

Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital

  • Elizabeth Allen, MD

    Elizabeth Allen, MD

  • Jo Anne Arnold, MD

    Jo Anne Arnold, MD

  • Christian Chouchani, MD

    Christian Chouchani, DO

  • George Danakas, MD

    George Danakas, MD

  • Marcelino D'Souza, MD

    Marcelino D'Souza, MD

  • Susan Erk, DO

    Susan Erk, DO

  • Lori Fraas

    Loriann Fraas, MD

  • Madgi Sayegh, MD

    Madgi Sayegh, MD

  • Snell-Garus, MD

    Karen Snell-Garus, MD

  • Nina Strollo, MD

    Nina Strollo, MD

  • Dennis Weppner, MD

    Dennis Weppner, MD